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Winston Hui

Chairman 主席

Michael Eng

President 會長

Tony Tso

Chief of Strategy Officer    策略總長

Stephen Lo

Chief of Financial Officer

Sarah Wong

General Secretary

Thomas Yau

North America District President 北美分會會長 & Webmaster

KK Hau

Director of GBX HealthCare 大健康組總監

Pat Ho

Director of GBX Leisure Living 文娛部總監

Winson Yu

Director of GBX Youth Club 創青會總監

Eric Chan

Regional Director of Singapore 新加坡區域總監

George Chong

Regional Director of Qianhai 深圳前海區域總監

Arthur Pang

Regional Director of Shanghai 上海區域總監

Ronald Yuen

Regional Director of Foshan 佛山區域總監

Patrick Lau

Regional Director of Hong Kong 香港特區總監

Quinton Lee

Regional Director of Macau 澳門特區總監

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